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A professional logo design SHOULD always originate as a scalable vector file (.ai, .eps or .svg) that you can resize, change colors or fonts without loosing quality or resolution of your image. Scalable vector files are the logo "source files" from which all other file formats can then be created and they are the preferred format a printer uses to print your logo on everything from stationery to billboards.

Many design houses create very attractive logos in pixel based applications such as Photoshop or Paint programs, but these programs are not designed for professional logo design and therefore are unable to provide you with the necessary vector source files. Instead, they can only provide raster or pixel-based formats such as .GIF, .JPG, .BMP or .TIF file formats. These file formats cannot be enlarged without distortion and will be highly expensive to print. They also cannot be easily edited without a complete vector recreation of the design, also known as a pixel to vector conversion, raster to vector conversion, or vectorization. (A process by which a bitmap image is converted into a more manageable, flexible, light and editable vector format.)

The Logo Doctor can convert your bitmap or pixel-based logo into the necessary vector images by carefully tracing your existing images and fonts into a new image. Converting raster art to vector art is not an automatic process; you must trace over the raster art with the vector tools in a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator.

There are programs (such as Adobe Streamline and Celinea Vectoreye) which attempt to trace automatically, but the results are unpredictable and highly problematic. The only way to get a really top-notch vector version of your logo design is to trace by hand which is what we do at The Logo Doctor!

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