3 Durham NC Restaurants That Top The List For Great Food In Bull City

Bull City features many interesting restaurants, 632 of them to be exact. While you are visiting Durham NC, you want delicious food, right? You want to enjoy your restaurant visits, and it is nice knowing that you have a great idea of where the top establishments are located. The following are 3 of Durham’s best restaurants, and you might want to loosen your belt.

Pizzeria Toro is ‘the’ place to get pizza. There are others, but this one tops the list. Looking at the pictures, I’m honestly not sure that I’ve ever seen anything like it before. The pizza looks loaded with toppings by the way, and the crust looks very unique and scrumptious. Pizzeria Toro is located at 105 East Chapel Hill Street, and the clam pizza is one of the favorites. According to the menu highlights, you’re talking about wood fired pizza, and spicy lamb is one of the suggested toppings as well. What a place!

The Original Q Shack is also one of the best restaurants in all of Durham NC, and it is found at 2510 University Drive. Are you up for trying some North Carolina barbecue? Just like with pizza, you will find other great barbecue establishments as well in Bull City, but this is the #1 spot. The Original Q Shack is known for its smoked turkey, pork butt, brisket, sides and all kinds of good eats. One more note, don’t forget about the ribs!

How about a place called Nana’s Restaurant? It sounds very warm and inviting, doesn’t it? Nana’s Restaurant is located at 2514 University Drive, so it isn’t far from the barbecue restaurant. This might sound like a warm and inviting restaurant, and it is I’m sure, but heads up, there is a tasting menu. You know what that means, a little bit of fine dining. Of course you can expect some delicious food when you visit this place for sure. Grouper, a rack of lamb, bok choy, risotto, you name it, they have it. Fried okra even makes the menu highlights, and the steaks look delicious.

Now you have your three stops for good eats in Durham NC. Know what places to visit, and know what restaurants are serving up the good food. You will have such an amazing time while you are in Bull City, and you certainly won’t go hungry. Pizza, barbecue and fine dining await you if you are up for a good meal.