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    3 Important Tips to Find the Best Townhomes in Durham NC

    Are you planning on moving soon and looking for townhomes for rent in Durham NC? Many people moved to Durham for exciting new job opportunities are to be closer to their family. It can be challenging and exhausting to find a new place to live in a different city. Fortunately, this article is going to show you how to find a townhome. Let's go over the top three things you need to look over before releasing a townhome in Durham.

  • Apartment

    Tips For Finding The Best Durham Apartments

    When you are moving to a beautiful area like Durham, you may want to take some time in finding the ideal home. This often means you will need to either stay in a long-term hotel, or find an apartment. This is when you should use some tips to help you out in finding the best apartment to rent for either your home or while you are looking for the house you want to live in. The first thing you should consider is what kind of neighborhood the apartment is located in. While it may seem a little high, if you can get into an area that is up and coming…

  • Restaurants

    3 Durham NC Restaurants That Top The List For Great Food In Bull City

    Bull City features many interesting restaurants, 632 of them to be exact. While you are visiting Durham NC, you want delicious food, right? You want to enjoy your restaurant visits, and it is nice knowing that you have a great idea of where the top establishments are located. The following are 3 of Durham’s best restaurants, and you might want to loosen your belt. Pizzeria Toro is ‘the’ place to get pizza. There are others, but this one tops the list. Looking at the pictures, I’m honestly not sure that I’ve ever seen anything like it before. The pizza looks loaded with toppings by the way, and the crust looks…